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a parliamentary development knowledge portal for the Arab region

This website provides user-friendly access to a host of parliamentary development resources, such as studies, policy guidance, translated documents, and links to networks and databases. It also serves to highlight UNDP-supported parliamentary development activities, mainly the Parliamentary Development Initiative in the Arab Region, a joint initiative of the Global Programme on Parliamentary Strengthening (GPPS) and the Programme on Governance in the Arab Region (POGAR), launched in an effort to ensure that Arab parliaments have the capacity, resources, and independence required to carry out their core functions effectively.

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Egypt has the oldest continuous parliamentary tradition in the Arab region. The first popular assembly was formed in Cairo, in 1866. Despite the consultative nature of that body, it managed to gain a measure of ministerial accountability by the late 1870s and early 1880s. Read more on Mechanisms of Accountability in Arab Governance.

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