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Pinnacle Software in Arabic Countries

Last week, the board of directors of PinnacleSys attended the high tech conference in Dubai and had meetings with high officials of the governemnt and CEO's from technology companies based in the Emirates. There are many positive outcomes from this conference, one being the new offices of Pinnacle Systems Inc. in Dubai and the installation of pinnacle studio in all public services computers. It's worthy noting that arabparliaments.org now offers a pinnacle studio promo code to all its registered users.

New Starbucks Coupons Available

Starbucks is always proving itself to be innovative when it comes to coffee. They remain one of the more reliable names in the industry and are consistently tweaking their range of aromatic grounds. The marketing team has recently introduced Single Origin coffee to the shelves. This is in stark contrast with most labels that simply put blends for consumers to drink. Time will tell if these Single Origin varieties will stay in the rotation that the brand features for its loyal customer base. Initial sales and feedback show that people are receptive to the distinctive taste that these coffees offer.

There are coupons readily available for anyone willing to give these new brands a try. The Single Origin concept will take coffee drinkers to exotic destinations throughout the world. Coffee is imported from destinations like Timor and Santa Rosa in Guatamala. This gives coffee drinkers a reason to experiment with different locations and taste the comparison. The cultivars take care to maintain strict control over the production process. This imbues the beans with a special flavor that comes through when the grounds have been brewed and served. Single Origin coffees are some of the most highly anticipated varieties headed out on to shelves.

Ordering these unique bags of coffee will be easy with the lineup available through select vendors. Promotional coupons will introduce a cut rate discount on the products customers find available to them. This will help them buy in to any lineup of Starbucks entries that they find available. The discount may be applied to the final total when they finish the ordering process. Each set of coupons will typically have restrictions applied on where and when they can be used. Users need to read the rules and restrictions set down by the manufacturer before they order from vendors.

What Does Vitacost.com Offer and Where To Find Discount Coupons

There are 3 ways to enjoy a discount when buying from vitacost.com. Firstly, while navigating at their online shop you can't miss the coupon banners which give promos you can use at your order. Secondly, you can subscribe as a customer and receive weekly newsletters with all the latest sales and gifts. Finally and most commonly, you can search online for vitacost.com coupon. Although these coupons change regularly, here are a few for your information:

BMSM35: This coupon will save you $35 from a $180 order

BMSM20: This promo code will take $20 off a $120 order

High quality health, beauty and natural home products by Vitacost

Vitacost.com Inc. is one of the leading E-commerce companies with head offices in Boca Raton, Florida in United States of America, the company mostly sells leading vitamins and supplements mostly online. The company also is known for high quality Sports Nutrition products, grocery products and organic health products. The current status the company ownership is by Kroger Inc., since 2014, the company has a very rich history which emanated from a small start to a large business which is it today.

Vitacost was recognized in America way back in 2006, it was nominated to the American famous magazine known as Inc. Magazine. The magazine only is a preserve of the best 500 well run businesses in American territories, it became recognized as one of the US fast growing businesses where it staid for 5 consecutive years, that was between 2001 to 2005 under the christened name of "500 Lifetime Hall of Fame". It started its operation way back in 1994 as a catalog stores acting a third-party selling supplements and vitamins, it was known as Natures Wealth's Company. It's in the year 1999 when the original Vitacost was formed; it went on to introduce trading in Vitamins supplements. Other products which followed suit include brands of food products, beauty and Sports nutrition's products.

Products Categories:

Vitamins and supplements:

The company which is now under the merger with Kroger’s Inc., sell a number of Vitamins and supplements directly to its customers online through the website vitacost.com, the vitamins products come in syrup forms and covers a variety of Vitamins like Vitamin C, E and more. It also stocks supplements which provide Calcium and other minerals which are essential for the body functions.

Sports and Fitness:

Sports and fitness products includes; body building supplements and Vitamins like Protein related products, Fat burners, Pr-Workout supplements, Amino acids and more sports and fitness related products. Workout accessories, Electrolytes and more sports related products.

Personal Care & Beauty:

Under this category there are a number of products which address beauty care like cosmetics, skin care products, hygiene products like soaps, detergents. Anti-aging products, natural products like organic products, hair care products, men products, hair care and more in the category.

Baby Products:

The company also sell several baby and kids products, among the category of the products are the following; Formula Baby Foods, Vitamins and Supplements for babies, Skin care and bath products for babies, Kids medicine cabinets, baby supplement and Vitamins, Kids Snacks and more. Seasonal coupons are issued for the baby products.

Food Products:

The Company sells a number of food products and beverages, among them are leading beverages like Tea and Coffee, Baking Mixes, Snacks, Nuts Butter and Jam, Pasta and Sauces, Flour and Grains, Cereals products for adults and children, Oils and Vinegars, Dairy products and Sweeteners. Special discount codes apply to the food section of vitacost.com

Pet Products; 

the company stocks a number of pets products which are ideal for pets health, feeding, cleaning and more. It stocks Pet Shampoos, Food and Treats, Dog Products, Cat Products, Health Care products for Pets, Products for Fleas and Ticks and more. Promotional coupons are also available for this category.

Other Products:

Vitacost.com also stocks many other products categories, some of the products the company sells includes; Herbs and botanical, Professional line products like essential supplements by doctors prescriptions only, many Doctors recommended books, dietary products, food supplements, medicine and more.

Organic Products:

The company is also active in growing organic products in its specialty farms and supplies to its customers, some of the organic foods grown in its fields include things like Wheat grass, Vegan proteins, Buckwheat Granola and many Non-GM related products mostly cereals.

Home Care Products:

Home care products is another category of products which the company sells, these include, detergents like car shampoos, Yard and Outdoor products, Bathroom Products, Eco friendly products, Housewares, Household Cleaners, other natural products for home use. There are many other products which the company sells like the professional line categories, these are products like medicine, supplements, Vitamins and more only sold by Doctors' prescription only.

Customers Voice:

I have happened to be your customer for a very long time now, have been placing my orders online for your number of your products. I want to really appreciate your premium service this far, your customer care and overall services is just great. Many of your products are very highly discounted as compared to your competitors; your coupon policy is also unique and ideal to allow a bargain. Your products are well selected and the prices are the lowest around this region, thanks for your great services and products. I highly recommend your services to my friends and relatives C. M.

Coupon Policy:

Customers of Vitacost can take advantage of many promotional codes and coupons which are ever many, whenever a customer is purchasing the products he is entitled to promo codes and coupons. The codes can be accumulated and used instead of paying cash; there are certain levels coupons which are redeemed for products and services in real time. In general you should expect up to 70% discounts when buying from vitacost.com.

Vitacost is one of the leading companies in America which is known for a variety of high quality products, it sells some of the most sought out brands in health and food products. It sells through its website high quality home products, natural products and health and beauty related products.

Sharing A Live SuperFoods Coupon

We've been buying some supplements from Livesupefoods.com a while now and we have been very satisfied with the quality, shipping time and customers service. Prices are a little bit too expensive but I found a  Live Superfoods coupon  which I'd like to share with you here. After picking up the products you want to buy, type "SAVETEN" at the coupon box in order to get either 10$ off a $100 order or "SUPERSAVER" to get a $25 discount on a $150 order. Either way you save some money. Now, you should know that depending on the time of the year, deals are subject to change. You better check out other big coupon sites for updates when you are ready to go for an order. Of course, I recommend you submit your email at livesuperfoods.com and start receiving their news letters which are both informative in health and nutrition issues and offer serious savings.

Your health is your life. Health and fitness is what everyone wants to maintain life, being healthy. To be healthy and keep fit one needs to pay much attention on the type of food one takes. At the same time nobody wants to spend a fortune for this. As far as I've looked, all online health food stores give amazing discounts and have available promo coupons, which are redeemable either through free shipping, buy 2 get the 3rd for free, or a 10% - 20% discount on the total order. The certain thing is that they come far cheaper than the brick and mortar shops.

Examples of live super foods include: Maca, chia seeds, spirulina, incan golden berries, sprouts, Acai berries, etc, for more visit (livesuperfoods.com)  all this are available online. They contain antioxidants, essential minerals required by the body for normal body functioning, contains variety of vitamins more so its taste is pleasing.

With the new knowledge on live super foods you will actually improve your eating habit and live healthy, benefits of taking live super foods include: it reduces the risks of degenerative disease, also it gives a lot of energy that will facilitate you to perform daily activities, it reduces susceptibility to diseases due to poor immune function and it contains nutrients and vitamins which boost immune system.

Supplements are available in greater amounts, vitamins, herbs they contain large amount of nutrients that may be absent in food. Vitamins help prevent deficiencies in the body that can lead to diseases.

Live Superfoods is available online with some generous discounts. You will find healthy foods of your choice, raw foods (kosher, juices and drinks, coconuts),supplements like aminoacid, protein powders, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and health care products. Various Live superfood coupons can be found in all the big deal sites. For example, coconut which is a highly nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals, is now available at $9.99 with 10% discount reduced from $10.30,.

Renew Your Antivirus With A Norton Coupon Code

Two years ago, I bought a 2-year internet security protection from Norton. It was the Norton 360 all in one antivirus with backup service, which has now been replaced by the Norton Security. My subscription ended last week so I thought of trying their new version since it concentrates all the necessary features of a complete antivirus suite and can be installed in many devices. Symantec sent me a special norton renewal coupon code as a reward for being their customer. Just a week before my registration would end, I received in my email what was actually a discount link that took me directly to a coupon page with their 20% off offer already activated.

Does Norton Security Backup Get Cheaper With Coupon?

For new users, Symantec has given out norton coupons which are applicable to the 2-year registrations. The initial price is now $169,95 and when coupon is applied it goes down to $134,95.  You can run through the most known coupon sites and search for a norton deal. You will definitely come up with the most recent promo. This new product is a marvelous protective program that runs with the Symantec recovery Disk to provide a full and reliable data backup and protection for your computer. It is a package designed to solve the Saving and Restoration issues among business men and PC owners. It combines several features together, as you will see below, with which it provides unequal delivery of data saving and restoration services.

What Is Norton Save And Restore?

In our day-to-day business and personal activities, there is always need to ensure an adequate and reliable protection of documents, financial records, photos, music, videos, presentations, minutes records, to-do list, and any other file or folder of high priority and even the less prioritized ones. This is where Norton Save and Restore comes in handy. It provides advanced backup and recovery services for your computer giving you full security and control to all your documents, files and folders. No more should you cry over file loss or theft as Norton Save and Restore is they to provide you with maximum security and reliable backup services.

The user interface is made very simple and allows customization. With this feature, you can schedule backup operations to be performed as you like. For instance, you can customize it to run a backup automatically on a day to day basis, on occasions as you will specify, or you can start your backup operations manually. You can pin backup operation to the starting or ending of certain programs, or when a certain quantity of data has been put into the disk. This enables you to easily restore your files, documents, and other necessary data if your computer should encounter any problem. Accidentally deleted data, files, and folders, can still be recovered, giving users free mind and enabling them to concentrate, only, on their day to day business activities.

Norton Save and Restore blows away your loss and computer difficulties as it provides you with your full data and operating system which puts you back in the working state. Most of all, your backups can be scheduled to run after you are done working with the computer. Norton save and Restore takes care of itself and your data and provides effective Save and Recovery of data services.

Features and Benefits Of Norton Save and Recovery

  • User friendly; the user interface is made very simple and easy to use. Actions and operations are simplified which takes away complexity and difficulty. Also the advanced page is suitable for experts as it provides the total features of this product at a glance.
  • One of the things that weighed upon buying a symantec product again, was the norton renewal coupon I got from the company. Their email which explained the various improved features of the software showed me that these people are serious professionals and appreciate their customers. So, yes, one of the benefits you get with norton is the discount you are granted.
  • It supports Windows Vista; this product is undisputedly compatible with Windows Vista and other versions of Windows, which increases its acceptability and operation.
  • It is very easy to setup; Norton Save and Restore setup is made very easy with the “Easy Setup”. This option is available during the first installation which makes your first backup operation simpler and faster than you think. The package comes with the help option, readme file and user’s guide, which brings the user in complete terms with the product.
  • Reliable data backup; despite the choice of backing up all your data, personal and business files and folders of more importance could be chosen instead. This helps you prioritize you backup operations, especially when there is limited space to use. This system detects when a new disk is added to your backup system and will help you change to the new destination with just a click. It can also run an automatic backup operation when it detects certain changes or program activity. Also, with the Maxtor OneTouch external drive, one can easily run a backup without even starting the Norton Save and Restore.
  • Effective management interface; Users can schedule, edit, and improve backup operations. Existing backup schedules can be easily re-scheduled and or edited to run at several recovery points. With a backup calendar, you have unlimited access to your backup history; providing you with your past, present and future backup schedules. Effective throttling customization helps users to decide how their backup operations should be carried out when they are working.
  • Easy recovery record and platform; It provides a complete record of your recovery points enabling you to search for any given file or folder faster.

Where To Apply Norton Renewal Coupon

If you are visiting norton.com for the first time, I'd recommend you open an account with your name and email and you will soon get an offer to buy from them. That is if you are not in an emergency of buying an antivirus. If you are looking to buy one right now or you want to renew your current subscription, just search on Google for norton renewal coupons and you will get one. Apply it at checkout and you're ready to save.


PrintPlace Brochure and Flyer Deals

Since my first experience with PrintPlace.com, I decided to hand over all my business printing needs to them. Here is a company that is not only after my bucks but also to help me develop my business.

We all know how important brochures and flyers are to a business; unthought-of and carelessly designed brochures and flyers are a turn off to prospective customers. No wonder many people throw them off in the next nearest dustbin after giving them a disapproving glance. However, getting the design and the actual print out right, can turn these into great marketing tools.

PrintPlace.com has specifically amazed me in their creativity and ingenuity when it comes to designing flyers and brochures. My first project with them resulted in increased traffic to my website which has greatly helped my business receive greater visibility in my locality.

When you place an order for brochures and\or flyers at PrintPlace.com, they will first analyze your expectations and advise you on how best to proceed. They have creative designers who scout the internet to understand the latest trends. This helps them come up with effective designs that are instant hit with your target clients. A captivating design will capture the attention of a person into reading what is contained therein. If a flyer or brochure doesn’t arouse the interest of the user then it fails on its initial purpose

The company allows you to choose among 6 paper stocks including 10% recycled 80# and 100# gloss text. They have 9 standard brochure sizes to choose from as well as an option for custom sizes to suit your specific need. If you need direct mailing services, you only need to send your customer list and they will send them direct to them, how about that for a strategic business partner.

The good thing is that you don’t even have to spend much, take advantage of PrintPlace coupons such as 15% off on business cards, 20% off on flyers as well as 10% off on full-colored brochures.