• Market Fight Club has launched two NFT collections for the game’s upcoming release.
• Players can exchange and trade their collections on MFC Marketplace or other renowned NFT marketplaces.
• The MFC Arena offers players full customization of their avatars with upgrades from the MFC Market.

Market Fight Club Launches Two Initial NFT Collections

Market Fight Club (MFC) has announced the launch of two initial non-fungible token (NFT) collections as part of the game’s final development phase. These two collections feature characters such as MFC Hamster and MFC Bull, which will be used strategically when the game officially launches later this year. Players who miss out on minting these tokens in the beginning will still have a chance to purchase them in the future through an MFC marketplace, where they can build their own unique collection and explore a player-owned economy similar to using physical trading cards and collectibles.

Rewards & Upgrades Available for Conquerors

The entire MFC ecosystem promises incredible adventure, wealth and glory to brave participants! Users who hold these NFTs can take part in colorful battles within an augmented reality setting, with generous rewards available for victorious fighters and those who achieve other objectives within the arena. As well as competing in fights, players also have access to upgrades that can be purchased from the MFC Market – ranging from clothing to hairstyles – allowing users to create unique avatars with full ownership over their digital assets.

Four Exclusive NFT Collections

Each collectible is one-of-a-kind with various characteristics that will affect its value during battles; there are four exclusive NFT collections altogether, each consisting of 10,000 assets that are now available for minting. Not only are these NFTs valuable within the community but they’re also highly liquid on both the official MFC Marketplace and any other renowned trading platform so users have plenty of options when it comes to exchanging them.

Unique Content ID For Every Player

In order to ensure that each player is uniquely represented during battles, every individual has a unique content ID resulting from their minting process – creating a truly personal experience in terms of customisation options available throughout gameplay. These IDs allow players to explore different items within the game world while still maintaining ownership over all virtual assets collected along the way.

Prepare For Battle With Market Fight Club

With Market Fight Club coming soon, it’s time prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into fantasy sports gaming unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Between collecting valuable NFTs across multiple marketplaces, building your own avatar through customisations bought from the MFC Marketplace and competing in wild augmented reality battles – there’s no limit when it comes to exploring this groundbreaking universe!