• Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson capitalized on a recent controversy regarding Ethereum’s staking process.
• Justin Drake, an Ethereum Developer, was criticized for his thoughts on the network’s staking process.
• Hoskinson took a jab at the network and highlighted Cardano’s superiority in terms of fees, security, smart contracts and staking processes.

Cardano vs Ethereum: Staking Process Controversy

Ethereum has come under scrutiny recently due to comments made by one of its developers about its staking mechanism. The comment stirred up controversy in the community and gave Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson an opportunity to laud his own network.

Justin Drake’s Comments

Justin Drake, an Ethereum developer, ignited the debate when he appeared on a podcast and said that he hadn’t staked much of his Ether (ETH), citing „when you make sausage, you know how it’s made“ as a reason why he was avoiding it. This analogy drew concern from many crypto users who wondered what secrets were being kept within the network’s infrastructure.

Hoskinson Chimes In

With Crypto Twitter abuzz over Drake’s comments, Charles Hoskinson also joined in by taking a swipe at Ethereum’s staking mechanism. He recalled past instances where Ethereum developers had mocked Cardano’s infrastructure in comparison to their own. This is not the first time Hoskinson has called out Ethereum either; he has previously compared their model to things like dumpsters and classic roller coasters to illustrate how outdated they are compared to Cardano’s more modern solutions.

The Rivalry Intensifies

Charles Hoskinon has been open about his views on Cardano vs Ethereum for some time now – particularly when it comes to fees, security, smart contracts and staking processes – however this latest episode further intensifies the rivalry between them both.


It remains unclear which of these two networks will emerge victorious but one thing is certain: Charles Hoskinson will continue to be vocal about his views on both networks until then!