• David Gokhshtein believes Dogecoin (DOGE) is heading for a new all-time high, despite skeptics pointing out that it may not happen
• DOGE is the most mentioned cryptocurrency regarding Twitter Payments and is accepted by Tesla
• Rumors surrounding Tesla Phone, Elon’s secret deal with McDonald’s, and the hard-working developer team have great expectations for DOGE

Dogecoin (DOGE) Reaching Peak Price Inevitable

David Gokhshtein, former congressional candidate and owner of Gokhshtein Media outlet, is sure that Dogecoin (DOGE) is poised for a new all-time high. Despite supporters of this prediction, there are also those who remain skeptical that its price may not go as high.

Confirmation on Twitter

Gokhshtein confirmed his prediction on Twitter by saying, “I can’t find a reason why $DOGE won’t break its previous ATH”. The record DOGE price of $0.73 was nearly two years ago. He opened up about his lack of influence on crypto markets by saying “You think I move markets? My wallet says otherwise (crying emoji).”

Why Special Treatment For DOGE?

The main reason behind Gokhshtein’s confidence in the top dog coin stems from Dogecoin being the most mentioned cryptocurrency in regards to Twitter Payments. Every time an announcement regarding its inclusion in such payments receive strong support from the ‘DOGE Army’ and Chief Twit Elon Musk recently confirmed in an interview for Wall Street Journal that cryptocurrency payments would play a key role in the financial system of Twitter 2.0. Furthermore, Dogecoin is reportedly the only cryptocurrency officially accepted by Tesla and has become the default method for rides in Vegas Loop in Las Vegas.

Current Market Price Ranked #9, DOGE’s current market price is just a fraction of its all-time high at $0.088 failing to retain fundamental resistance level of $0.10 . There are also legal issues as Elon Musk has pending case against him due to building ‚the DOGE pyramid‘.

Potential To Grow Dogecoin has potentially much space to grow due to rumors surrounding Tesla Phone, Elon’s secret deal with McDonald’s and hardworking developer team which have been working towards forming an ecosystem across web due to popular demand. The recent upgrade of MyDoge Wallet and launch of Tipping Jar web extension further adds fuel to such expectations