The whales are currently causing pressure to sell, but the shortage could soon push the price back up.

Big Bitcoin investors, the so-called „whales“, are currently selling parts of their assets to institutional investors, while the scarcity of the cryptocurrency is becoming ever more acute.

As data from several sources show, while more and more Bitcoin Up scam are being deposited on crypto exchanges and offered for sale, the demand, especially from institutional investors, is still significantly greater than the available supply.

Institutions don’t let up

According to data from Coin98 crypto market researchers, the Grayscale asset management company bought twice as many Bitcoin in November alone as were newly produced by miners (see graphic).

Together with Square and PayPal, the other two big companies buying up more and more Bitcoin, Grayscale creates an imbalance between supply and demand, the logical consequence of which is an increase in prices .

Also in December can not Grayscale gradually bought last 7,000 BTC in just 24 hours, whereby the assets under management of the investment firm on 4 December to more than 10.5 billion US dollars rose is.

At the same time, Bitcoin was able to break the previous record high this week and climb towards the psychologically important US $ 20,000, which, however, has created massive selling pressure

Subsequently, however, the market-leading crypto currency was able to catch up again at 18,100 US dollars and climb back to 19,000 US dollars, but the 20,000 US dollar mark remains a major hurdle. The driving force for this is probably that the “Bitcoin whales” and long-term investors currently have a good opportunity to book out their profits, as institutions like Grayscale keep buying.

This thesis is confirmed by the fact that the whales increasingly deposited Bitcoin back into crypto exchanges this week as the price approached the $ 20,000 mark. While the resulting sales pressure initially keeps the current climbing party in check, the Bitcoin fortunes migrate behind the scenes from the whales to institutions like Grayscale and their clients.

„The number of addresses that buy more than 1 million US dollars in Bitcoin and then withdraw them from crypto exchanges has grown by leaps and bounds,“ as CNBC reported on Thursday .

„That is an increase of more than 180% since 2017. The analysts conclude from this that more and more wealthy investors are buying Bitcoin and then storing it offline.“

The shortage of the market-leading cryptocurrency will continue if the Bitcoin that has been bought out is immediately taken out of circulation. All the more likely that Bitcoin will be able to resume its current soaring as soon as the whales stop selling and the institutions continue to maintain their demand.