SHIB Burn Rate Fires Up 38986.28%

The community behind the canine coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) broke the SHIB Burn daily rate record for the second consecutive time in the same week. This time, one SHIB holder burned 1.69 billion SHIB in a single transaction and pushed up the burn rate to 38986.28%.

BONE Falls to 3-Month Low

Shibarium’s gas fee token BONE lost key resistance at $0.90 and was trading at $0.827899 with an 11.1% daily downturn at press time. Coinbase users were on a buying spree of Shiba Inu tokens as they prepare for Shibarium’s mainnet launch.

Large Burns Raise Eyebrows

Recently, 2.25B of Shiba Inu tokens from a dormant wallet were sent to a dead wallet, which raised some suspicions due to its lack of prior activity related to $SHIB.

Active Community Behind Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has one of the most active communities in the cryptosphere, praising moves like this and aiming for further adoption of both SHIB and BONE tokens within their ecosystem.

Why You Should Care

The SHIB Army believes that both SHIB and BONE have great utility within the Shibarium ecosystem once it launches its mainnet, which is why Coinbase users are on a buying spree preparing for it and large burns increase awareness of the project even more so it should be something everyone pays attention to!